Eshopps Glow-in-the-Dark Floating Lionfish

DEEP BLUE PROFESSIONAL WWII Sunken Submarine 12 inch Small
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Eshopps Glow-in-the-Dark Floating Lionfish

*Life-sized, floating Lionfish decorations let you safely, effortlessly add a fascinating Lionfish to your aquarium.

*Glow-in-the-dark Lionfish design in realistic brown or sassy pink adds intrigue and flair to your aquarium.

*Lionfish ornaments attach quickly, and move realistically in water currents.

EshoppsAlways wanted a Lionfish in your aquarium? Now you can safely, effortlessly add a fascinating Lionfish to your aquarium - with NO worries of being stung, feeding or caring for it, or losing other fish! Plus, these Lionfish decorations glow in the dark for added intrigue and extra flair in your aquarium.

Eshopps' life-sized floating Lionfish aquarium ornaments attach quickly to your aquarium bottom or side with the included suction cup and invisible tether line.

 An internal air bladder keeps the Lionfish floating realistically. 

Your aquarium water currents cause the stunning Lionfish replica to behave very similarly to a live Lionfish - your aquarium observers will be amazed at the Lionfish's realistic swerving, hovering, and swaying.




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