SEACHEM Neutral Regulator 50 gm

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SEACHEM Neutral Regulator 50 gm 

Neutral Regulatorª adjusts pH to neutral (pH 7.0) from either a low or high pH and maintains it there. It softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium while removing any chlorine, chloramine, or ammonia.  

The use of Neutral Regulatorª makes other conditioning unnecessary. To lower pH below 7.0 use Neutral Regulatorª with Acid Regulatorª (or Discus Bufferª). To raise pH above 7.0 use with Alkaline Regulatorª. All of these products will enhance and stabilize the freshwater aquarium environment.  

Use Fresh Traceª to restore the proper level of trace elements required by thriving, healthy freshwater community fish. 


Use 1 level teaspoon for every 40-80 L (10-20 gallons*) once or twice a month (or as necessary to maintain a pH of 7.0.) Neutral Regulatorª may be added directly to the aquarium at any time. 

 Ideally, it should be used when adding or changing water by dissolving in the replacement water.


50 gm treats 100-200 US Gallons 

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