TAAM SEIO M1100 Super Flow Pump 1100 GPH

TAAM SEIO M1100 * Super Flow Pump * 1100 GPH
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  • Item #: TAAM1100
  • Manufacturer: TAAM/RIO
  • Condition: New
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TAAM SEIO  M1100   * Super Flow Pump *   1100 GPH

Product Description:  

The Seio Super Flow Pump is the latest addition to the Rio family of professional grade water pumps. These pumps are the next generation in water circulation designed to create high water flow quietly and effectively. Water circulation is your life support for an aquatic system. Its patented design will produce a high water volume and a wide path of water current. Unlike the typical narrow stream flow of a conventional pump, the Seio water pump creates gentle flows combined energy efficiency and high power factor. The Seio water pump keeps your energy bill low and your aquarium cool. The turbine rotor creates a pump with the best water flow to power consumption ratio of any water pump on the market today. Features include ceramic shaft, ceramic bearings and pump made of durable high impact plastic makes the pump reliable and long lasting. The compact, thermally protected pump mounts horizontally or vertically and can be used in either fresh or saltwater aquarium. 

Submersible, ceramic shaft and bearings.  

High flow rate, energy efficient, optional high volume air input.  

Pump features a detachable directional snout for easy direction of the pumps output.  

Contains a mounting bracket with four suction cups, an adjustable 160 degree swivel side discharge hanging bracket, a hang on the tank vertical bracket, and an adjustable elevated side discharge hanging bracket for virtually endless mounting possibilities. 

Main Points: 


Compact Design 

Thermally Protected 

Energy Efficient Design 

Fully Submersible 

Low Heat Emission 

Ceramic Shaft and Bearings 

High Flow Rate 

Turbine Rotor Technology 


Durable High-Impact Plastic 

Patent Pending 


For reef aquariums, saltwater aquariums, and planted aquariums 

For highly populated freshwater feeders 

Provide large water movement 

For current loving animals 

For advanced protein skimming 

For shallow water environments  


Cord length is 6 feet. 


Pump dimensions are 6.5 inches high by 2.56 inches wide by 3.23 inches deep.  


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