TETRA COLOR 2 in 1 Cichlid Food Small Pellets 8.47 OZ.

Tetra Color 2 in1 Cichlid Small Pellets 8.47 OZ.
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  • Item #: ATS77266
  • Manufacturer: TETRA
  • Condition: New
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

 Tetra Color 2 in 1 Cichlid Small Pellets - 8.47 OZ. 

Proprietary extrusion technology allows two foods to be united in one pellet. A first in aquarium foods !


Combines premium staple with concentrated color food. Offers unrivalled acceptance, superior metabolization rates and maximized healthy growth.


TetraColor Cichlid Pellets are specifically formulated with an "Optimal Health Blend" for a nutritional diet with a balanced amount of vitamins and nutrients.

This 2 in 1 floating staple food is a nutritious blend of staple and concentrated color enhancement combined together in one pellet.

It is ideal for all top and mid-water cichlids.

Does not cloud aquarium water ! 

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