TETRA TetraCichlid Plus Floating Cichlid Sticks 4.94 OZ.

Tetra Color 2 in1 Cichlid Large Pellets - 8.11 OZ.
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  TETRA TetraCichlid Plus Floating Cichlid Sticks 4.94 OZ.

 Tetra Cichlid sticks provide large, top-feeding cichlids the hearty diet and nutritional requirements they need. 

The sticks float on water for easy access to all medium and large top-feeding fish, including such favorites as Firemouths and Convicts. 

Large freshwater and marine fish also feed well and get nutritional requirements from this floating diet.

 Tetra floating cichlid sticks now with color-enhancing sticks provide a nutritionally balanced  premium diet that enhances beautiful coloration of aquarium cichlids !

Does not cloud aquarium water ! 


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