TETRA TetraVeggie Fish Food Flakes 5.65 ounce

Tetra Color 2 in1 Cichlid Small Pellets 8.47 OZ.
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 TETRA TetraVeggie Fish Food Flakes 5.65 ounce 

*Vitamin fortified spirulina flake food for aquarium fish 

*Supplement the diet of herbivorous fish with nutritious spirulina 

*Nutritional benefits of vegetables in a convenient flake food form 

The extra vegetable matter in this food keeps aquarium live-bearers, algae-eating Cichlids, and other plant-eating fish in peak condition. Great for goldfish, too. Nutritionally balanced, high protein food supplement with spirulina, Vitamin C and other added vitamins and minerals. 

 Won't cloud water.

For freshwater and marine fish.


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