THRIVE AQUATICS (B) Bio-Stimulant Refill Bag 600 ml

THRIVE AQUATICS ( C ) Bio-Stimulant Crush 500 ML
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THRIVE AQUATICS (B) Bio-Stimulant Refill Bag 600 ml

This product is designed to decrease phosphates and nitrates naturally in your reef aquarium. 

Thrive's bio-stimulant liquid provides a source of organic carbon to bacterioplankton.

 Bacterioplankton consumes phosphate and nitrate reducing them to a product that is easily removed by your systems skimmer. 

Thrive's bio-stimulant liquid provides carbon rich nutrients for care of your bacterioplankton.

 This product encourages new biomass without promoting the red slime and hair algae that would naturally occur in the presence of excess phosphates and nitrates.

173,742 mg/kg carbon

20.3 oz

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