THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 4 Iodide Bottle 600 ml

THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 4 Iodide Bottle 600 ml
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THRIVE AQUATICS -4 Iodide Bottle 600 ml  ( 20.3 oz. ) 

Replenish depleted iodide levels to support healthy coral and invertebrate growth. Thrive Aquatics Thrive 4 Iodide helps maintain proper iodide levels by restoring iodide depleted through natural biological activity as well as aquarium filtration (protein skimmers and activated carbon).

Iodide plays an important role in invertebrate health including soft coral growth and the molting process of ornamental crabs and shrimps. 

Thrive Aquatics Thrive 4 Iodide is formulated at 17,989 mg/kg, one of the highest concentration iodide available for reef aquarium hobbyists. Each ml of Thrive 4 Iodide will increase the total iodine in 1 gallon of water by 4.75 ppm.

This highly concentrated iodide supplement offers an eco-friendly choice by reducing packaging waste and is available in a fully recyclable aluminum bottle that can be refilled and reused. 

* High concentration iodide supplement for coral reef aquariums
* Increases aquarium iodide levels important for soft coral growth
* Safer form of iodine supports molting process of crabs and shrimp
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