Thrive Aquatics Frag Tree 360

Thrive Aquatics Thrive A Frag Plugs Medium A-18
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  • Item #: THR360
  • Manufacturer: THRIVE
  • Condition: New

Thrive Aquatics  Thrive Frag Tree 360 


 The frag tree 360 is designed to hold 27 frag plugs in spiraling staggered tree form. It has a footprint of "8" and is 8.5" tall depending on the size of the plugs used. 

Each arm is independently attached to the center post and can be adjusted to accommodate any configuration. Each arm and the base are laser cut and crafted from ABS plastic which does not leach any harmful chemicals into the water. 

It is designed to allow ample water flow over and in between the plugs while providing adequate light.

Perfect for stores to display their fragged corals on for customers to shop. The tree is also a great tool to showcase coral frags at shows and seminars !

The base and arms of the tree have been  designed with precision cut holes which compress to firmly hold the center post and arms while still allowing for adjustments.

Frag Plugs sold seperately.

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