Tom Aquatic Dive Power 85

Tom Aquatic Dive Power 85
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  • Item #: TOM85DP
  • Manufacturer: TOM AQUARIUM
  • Condition: New

Tom Aquatic Dive Power 85

Tom Aquatics Dive Power 85 Information 

Powerful and durable, fully adjustable flow diffuser with venturi feature. Can be used alone in the aquarium to agitate water surface and increase gas exchange or by adding a Dive Power Head to an undergravel filter which will improve filtration by moving more water through the gravel, oxygenates the water and improves biological capabilities. 

Tapered riser adapter fits all undergravel filters. 

Adjustable hanger bracket (for Model 85, 125 ) 

Stay-Stick silicon suction cups 

Epoxy sealed motor 

Air filter 

Flow diffuser 






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